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Mystery Guest Program

To assess the service and overall guest experience that your property has to offer, our Mystery Guest Program gives the owners or directors a report of the general experience from a guest’s perspective. We first meet up with the directors / owners to discuss the MGP and schedule a visit. We will then anonymously make a reservation through the normal booking channels; stay over as guests and evaluate the overall guest experience.


Back of house & operational review

In the Hospitality Industry being prepared in all service areas by providing overall service excellence to your guests is surely the milestone.  From our extensive experience in the industry; the combination of proper staff training and the implementation of effective operational procedures: our team is able to quickly identify potential areas for improvement to ensure the smooth running of your business. From staff training needs to operational flow and layout analysis, OPENDOOR is the expert answer for your operational challenges



A detailed report on matters relating to the reservations process; customer service; procedures; cleanliness; facilities and quality will be compiled. Feedback will be given in a detailed meeting where problem areas will be discussed.


Action Plan

Based on evaluation and findings, we compile an action plan, customized for your business.



Training will follow in areas which need improvement, firstly addressing front of house operations and guest service standards.


Operational analysis

The second phase is to monitor and assess the back of house operations and give feedback to the directors / owners and then formulate and implement procedures and systems where there are problems or lack of control. Not only do we provide training, solutions and marketing strategies, but also assist with interior design ideas to ensure that your venue excites and delights your target demographics. We have partnered with professionals with expertise in every area of the process to ensure a seamless process with excellent results. With our years of managerial and start-up experience, we are able to deliver personalized solutions across all areas of the hospitality industry. We will be involved in every step of the way, sharing our skills and industry knowledge to ensure your successful improvement.



We implement customized solutions according to each individual property's needs. Should there be a need in an area that we cannot supply ourselves, we will connect you with the right specialist. Through strategic planning, creative thinking and strong established industry relations, we devise tailor-made campaigns for each client and deliver them across multiple platforms.


Quality Assessment

After our operating procedures implementation and training, we will return to monitor the consistency of implemented standards to ensure the sustainability thereof.

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